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Both SGM and Enerpac believe in a strong work ethic based on honesty, integrity and a professional attitude. Together with a commitment to their people, an inbred pride in constantly striving for the highest standards, and an instinctive “can do” attitude, we aim to get each and every job completed to the satisfaction of every client. You can trust our authorised Enerpac service centre.

Over the past decade or more we’ve been working in diverse sectors from Sugar mills and Construction related industries to shipping related industries and more forging and maintaining great relationships is integral to our success, offering a winning blend of superior client satisfaction and high levels of repeat business. Our experience and expertise has been gained across a broad and diverse range of sectors range of sectors right from the start.


As KZN’s Only Authorised Enerpac Service Centre We Offer:

  • Sales and Supply
  • Load Testing
  • Pressure Testing
  • Onsite Technical Inspections
  • Gauge Calibrations
  • Enerpac Certification
  • Technical Advice
  • On-call Sales Team

SGM is a firm believer in the Enerpac brand. The quality and safety aspects of this equipment have spoken for themselves over the past 10 years that SGM has been working together with Enerpac. With SGM supplying and servicing their equipment over this time we have been able to experience first-hand the improvements in efficiency in our clients’ applications on-site as well as the longevity together with the safety of Enerpac equipment supplied in sectors ranging from sugar mills to construction to shipping (and more). The use of hydraulic equipment can be a risky application if the wrong equipment is used and for this reason safety is a very important aspect in this line of work.

Using an internationally recognised brand such as Enerpac with a proven safety record and lifetime warranty on all their products is a major value add to our clients who use this equipment. As the only Enerpac-approved Service centre in KZN, SGM can keep your equipment serviced and safe and keep your global lifetime warranty maintained. We add value to our Enerpac clients through a full circle relationship, as we supply new equipment as well as maintain, service and advise on the correct use of this equipment for many years to follow. Trust and confidence are established through service delivery and this is why SGM are confident in Enerpac and trust this brand, we take pride in being registered distributors and a service centre for Enerpac.

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Enerpac Flex Toolbox Promotion

The Enerpac Flex Toolbox Set creates a convenient way to upgrade a tool to a complete hydraulic system

Flex Toolbox Set

  • Option to upgrade to a complete hydraulic solution
    Will work effortlessly with your Enerpac tool of choice, giving you everything you need to tackle a wide range of jobs.
  • Convenient and portable, this set comes in a durable, easy-to-carry box.

Purchase your Enerpac Flex Toolbox before the 14th of July and not only will you get 5% OFF but you can also complete your Toolbox with one of five of our best-selling tools. 

Key products



Unleash the power of hydraulic torque wrenches for your industrial applications! These professional tools offer unparalleled versatility, utilising standard impact sockets, direct Allen-key drives, or interchangeable hexagon cassettes for controlled tightening of fasteners of various sizes. Optional accessories take their application range even further. Trust us to provide you with the ultimate solution for your tightening needs.

Enerpac Torque wrench - SGM


Experience efficient torque multiplication with Enerpac manual torque multipliers! Designed for make-up or break-out of joint fasteners, these manual tools provide a range of output torques achievable by an operator. Count on Enerpac for accurate and efficient torque application.

Enerpac Torque multiplier - SGM


We design and manufacture heavy-lifting equipment. For more than 60 years, we’ve combined high-pressure hydraulics and controls to deliver intelligent and innovative solutions that maintain the highest level of quality, reliability and safety. We are passionate about solving your challenges, together. We will be your supplier and partner; we will support you throughout the entire life of your project, your success is ours.

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