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SGM is the sole supplier of Skatoskalo in the SADC region


With a history of over a century in tube cleaning, SkatoskalO has established itself as THE name brand that represents quality and reliability. With their suite of unique solutions, all tube cleaning needs can be covered. From customised cleaning toolheads, robust flexible drive cables as well as tube installation and removal tools, SkatoskalO can supply quality equipment that can last in the harsh environment of tube cleaning.

Using only top-strength materials, genuine SkatoskalO items do a better job, last longer and yet are still competitively priced. By ensuring you maintain a stringent tube cleaning schedule, you reduce the possibility of downtime and breakages.


Customised to each vessel, the best fit for evaporator tubes needs to be determined. Toolheads can do more than just remove scale build-up in tubes on a regular basis. Special tubes can unblock tubes when this becomes a limitation for an operation. 

Flexible Drives:

Getting the correct length and strength of cables can ensure the longest life at the best price. Flexible drives come in different lengths and thicknesses to suit individual evaporators.

Power Units:

The drive behind the cleaning equipment, gearing and correct housing can ensure that your cleans are consistent and safe. Multiple drive shafts, speeds, power and voltage are all customizable to suit the operation.

Tube Expanders and Extractors:

Installing or replacing tubes is hard work without the correct tools. SkatoskalO makes it easy.

Bespoke solutions:

SGM uses its technical experience in conjunction with SkatoskalO engineering and equipment to find solutions to unique challenges that customers might experience.

With the benefits that are realised from having well cleaned evaporator tubes, you cannot afford to settle for less than the original and best. SkatoskalO.

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