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SU Group Batch Centrifugals

SGM is the sole supplier of SU Group Products and services in the SADC region

As one of the largest professional sugar centrifuge manufacturers in the world, SU Group has the expertise and the facilities to continuously develop and manufacture centrifuges that are leading the way in technology. Having provided over 6000 units across the world in the sugar, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries, SU Group have certainly made their mark.

Their range of batch and continuous centrifuges use cutting edge technologies and can replace existing centrifuges that are not performing or can be installed when new sites are being built. With standard features such as separate discharge pipes for first and second stage washes, SU Groups centrifuges allow for more efficient processes which can reduces losses in time and other resources on site.

Their standard use of VFD motor control ensures efficient operation where all of the necessary torque is available when needed. The frame and base rigidity and strength are carefully calculated to optimise the motor and basket stability during operation. The high precision plough with an ingenious centring device realises an almost 100% discharge ensuring a clean basket for the next load.

Operation of the centrifuges is made easy with full colour tech screens powered by Siemens on their PLCs. In addition, with SGM support, SU Group offers continued personal support to assist users in ensuring that they are getting the very best out of their machine and that someone is always available to assist.

With SU Groups stated goal being “One day, where there is sugar, there will be our products”, their dedication to providing long-lasting, top-quality products is clearly expressed. At SGM, we are proud that SU Group has chosen to partner with us when it comes to suppling and supporting their centrifuges in Africa.

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